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Antonio Davola

Antonio Davola is LLM and Resident Fellow for the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, and is PhD candidate in “Law and Technology” the Sant’Anna School of Advanced studies in Pisa; his research project investigates the issue of Consumers’ protection against Unfair Commercial Practices and cognitive bias. His main areas of interest involve competition law, consumer protection and the regulation of new technologies: within this field, he authored and co-authored publications in Italian (Il Foro Italiano; Responsabilità Civile e Previdenza, Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale, Danno e responsabilità) and foreign reviews  (Digest: National Italian American Bar Association Law Journal, Revista de Concorrência & Regulação, Idaho Law Review). He is also collaborating as peer reviewer for the electronic Journal Opinio Juris in Comparatione. and as a Lead Editor for the Yale Journal of Technology.


Research interests

    Diritto, scienza e tecnologia
    Diritto della famiglia
    Diritto della salute
    Danno alla persona
    ETHOS - EThics & law witH and fOr reSearch


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