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Civil Liability and Regulation

This area of research is comprised of several mainstreams which are interrelated and linked by the necessity to critically analyze the role that civil liability and, in general, private law rules, play as regulatory instruments, for instance in managing risks derived from the technological and scientific progress or in designing innovative methods of Community Law enforcement or national models of state liability, or in co-determining the interplay between product safety and liability. In our perspective, tort law is analysed in broad perspective, focusing on its goals and its main interactions with other areas and issues (insurance, risk management and regulation, precautionary principle, etc.).

Research expertiese currently refer to:

  • medical malpractice and risk management in which we have performed several interdisciplinary researches done with economists, medical doctors, technology experts and insurers.
  • product liability and safety

 Coordinators: Giovanni Comandé; Maria Gagliardi

 LIDERLAB affiliated to the research area

Prof. Dr. Francesco Donato Busnelli 
Silvia Clinca
Dr. Avv. Francesca Ferrari
Avv. Dr. Lorenzo Gremigni Francini
Prof. Antonio Lazari
Dr. Avv. Luca Nocco
Prof. Sheraldine Pinto Oliveros
Dr. Sabine Wünsch

 Selected previous research activities and publications 

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