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Law, Science, Technology

The burgeoning developments we are experiencing within many fields of science and their technological fallout, from biomedical research to telecommunication, is presenting growing challenges from a legal viewpoint, ranging from industrial development perspectives to the protection and enhancement of fundamental rights within market interactions characterized by high asymmetries of information. The mission of LIDERLAB within this research area, then, is to consider the always-new intersections between science, technology advancements and the law, striving to offer in-depth, innovative analyses and solutions.   

Research expertise currently refer to:

  • Information privacy law (with a focus on issues related to privacy by design, consumer’s perception and trust, big data management)
  • Cognitive law (i.e. legal theory driven by the new knowledge provided by cognitive science and information technology)
  • Intellectual property law
  • Regulation and competition of industrial sectors and niche markets
  • Automated and software assisted legal arguments
  • Legal implications of research and applications in the domains of robotics and neuro-robotics
  • Unfair, aggressive and deceiving practices  and cognitive science
  • Law and Linguistics
  • The evolution of the EU legislation in the area of genetically modified organisms; the relationship between the EU and national competence in this area; the relationship between risk managers and risk assessors (EFSA)."

Coordinator: Giovanni Comandé

LIDERLAB affiliated with the Law, Science, Technology programs

Dr. J.D. Denise Amram
Dr. Luca Arnaudo
Dr. Federico Azzarri
Dr. Andrea Bertolini
Dr. Avv Francesca Bonaccorsi
Prof. Dr. Francesco Donato Busnelli 
Prof. Maria Gagliardi
Dr. Avv Lorenzo Gremigni Francini
Dr. Benedetta Guidi
Prof. Antonio Lazari
Phd Stud. Mari Minn
Dr. Avv. Luca Nocco
Prof. Erica Palmerini
Prof. Giorgio Pedrazzi
Prof.ssa Sheraldine Pinto Oliveros
Phd Stud. Antonio Principato
Prof. Laura Sempi
Phd Stud. Silvia Scalzini
Dr. Caterina Sganga

Selected previous research activities and publications

Seminario “La tutela dei dati personali: l’evoluzione normativa e le prospettive per i professionisti”, svoltosi presso la Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, il 18 ottobre 2014


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