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Insurance Law

Insurance companies’ activity is widely regulated in many legal systems. Despite of that, rules on the conclusion and functioning of insurance contracts are always discussed, criticized and often changed, by legislation or by courts’ decisions. These changes need to be analyzed in tight connection with other law issues and areas, such as consumer protection, fundamental rights, broad insurance law, institutional welfare reforms, European harmonization processes. The objective is to better understand how insurance markets and products react to social changes and to study possible new risks insurability.

 Among our ongoing Research activities:

  • liability insurance,
  • medical malpractice liability insurance,
  • insurance and disability,
  • information in insurance contract law, 
  • insurable and insured damages,
  • new risks.

 Coordinator:  Maria Gagliardi

 LIDERLAB affiliated with the research area:

Prof. Dr. Francesco Donato Busnelli 
Antonella Cappiello
Dr. Avv. Francesca Ferrari
Dr. Avv. Lorenzo Gremigni Francini
Dr. Francesco Panetti
Dr. Sabine  Wünsch 

 Selected previous research activities and publications 

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