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Personal Injury Damages

Another field we explored deeply concerns personal injury damages awarding on both sides of the Atlantic. Europe has experienced dramatic changes both at the awarding level and in the legal framework to assess liability and damages. For more than 20 years, we have had tackled these issues from an interdisciplinary studying which have eventually led to statutory reforms and influential results on case law and the judiciary. Building on this lasting experience we structured, in agreement  with the National Agency controlling the Insurance Market (ISVAP), a “Permanent  observatory on personal injury damages” in which we monitor damages awards and related legal trends in close connection with judges, attorneys and insurers.

 Research expertise currently refer to:

  • Recoverable damages
  • Insurable damages
  • Assessment of damages

 Coordinator: Denise Amram

 LIDERLAB affiliated to the research area

Dr. Luca Nocco
Dr. J.D. Francesca Bonaccorsi
Prof. Dr. Francesco Donato Busnelli 

J.D. Valentina Ceccarelli
J.D. Corinna Daini
Dr. J.D. Angela D'Angelo
Dr. J.D. Francesca Ferrari
Prof. Maria Gagliardi
J.D. Alessandra Garibotti
J.D. Martina Gerbi
Dr. J.D Lorenzo Gremigni Francini
Dr. Benedetta Guidi
J.D. Luca Molinari
Dr. J.D. Elena Occhipinti
Dr. Giovanni Pagano
Dr. Francesco Panetti
Prof. Giorgio Pedrazzi
Prof. Sheraldine Pinto Oliveros
Phd StudAntonio Principato
J.D. Irene Riccetti
J.D. Federico Russo
J.D. Isabella Sardella
Prof. Laura Sempi
Phd Stud. Silvia Scalzini
Dr. Gabriele Tomei
Dr. Sabine  Wünsch 

 Selected previous research activities and publications

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