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Art and Law

In the Twentieth Century, art criticism and aesthetics doubted that the concept of art itself was really  legitimate. On the other hand, most recent experiences in the contemporary art suggest an overvaluation of artist’s gesture compared to art product. This is contradictory with historical experience and social perception of artistic fact. At the same time, this contrasts with economic value attributed to art products. On these issues, legal analysis is very fascinating, because it includes all spaces between the creative aspiration and  concrete work and its circulation. In the first part the research is open to philosophical sciences, criticism and neuroscience. The strictly legal speech is about Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Law of Procedure and Criminal Law.

Research lines, also in Comparative Law, currently refer to:

  • Concept of art and art fact
  • Protection of art and artists
  • Circulation of art objects
  • Art exploitation
  • Restitution of Cultural Properties 

 Coordinator: Francesco Bosetti

 LIDERLAB affiliated with the research area

Dr. Luca Arnaudo
Prof. Maria Grazia Ceccherini
Prof. Giovanni Comandé
Dr. Lorenzo Gremigni Francini
Prof. Antonio Lazari
Prof. Fabio Merusi
Phd Stud. Antonio Principato
Dr.  Claudio Ragoni
Phd Stud. Silvia Scalzini
Prof. Alessandro Tosi

 Selected previous research activities and publications


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