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Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Mechanism

The access doors to justice may not be in court. Having special regard to mediation and arbitration in this research area we study both technical legal and non technical skills linked to ADR. Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is accredited at the Ministry of Justice for training of mediators …..(pdg  26.07.2010 -  n° 105.)

 Research expertise currently refer to:

  • Business and private dispute resolution
  • Family mediation
  • On-line dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Mandatory mediation in relation to: condominium, real rights, division, inheritance, family agreements, renting, commodatum, rental of companies, compensation arising from medical malpractice and healthcare providers liability, defamation by the press or other means of advertising insurance, banking and financial contracts

  Coordinator:  Giovanni Comandé

LIDERLAB affiliated to the research area

Avv. Denise Amram
Not. Claudio Calderoni
Avv. Laura Capacci
Avv. Adriana Capozzoli
Dr. Maria Cristina Cavallaro
Avv. David Cerri
Avv. Angela D'Angelo
Avv. Francesca Ferrari
Prof. Paola Lucarelli
Prof. Avv. Francesco Paolo Luiso
Avv. Elena Occhipinti
Prof. Avv. Ilaria Pagni
Prof. Giorgio Pedrazzi
Avv. Laura Ristori
Prof. Laura Sempi
Prof. Maria Angela Zumpano

 Selected previous research activities and publications

SUMMER PROGRAM - Hofstra University and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

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