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The Laboratory, on the basis of its experience in national and international research, which is orientated towards the full comprehension of and the realistic solution to specific legal problems, the results of its own research activities in a practical and enforceable manner, paying particular attention to its operative implications.

Therefore, it proposes itself as a partner and ideal reference point for public and private bodies, companies and organisations interested in developing projects or solving specific legal particularly those concerning research fields of which the Laboratory are active.

The Lider-Lab operates on two levels. On the one hand, it is concerned with specific projects of local interest, and on the other, it conducts feasibility studies and elaborates on specific legal orders (Europe and North America in particular) related to specific topics. The Laboratory permits uncomplicated access to the practical implications highlighted by the research activities conducted within the various active projects. It also encourages public companies and private bodies to innovate the internal processes, based on the research conducted, and to develop competitiveness via an optimal management of law issues by means of the correct interdisciplinary dimension.

Ongoing research projects

Completed research projects

For more information: info@lider-lab.org